iKiosk User Guide

Setup users

iKiosk allow 1 user access at a time, where you can login as a manager or a cashier at the POS terminal. There is no limitation to the backend user where multiple are allow to access to the Instut BackOffice web access. The cashier allow user to to access to the order screen, inventory order, stock adjustment, transfer, start and end shift. Where the manager access granted user to access to full features of the program.

User Access Priviledge

Create user

Cashier role primarily in-charge of capturing sales order and print receipt. The cashier is responsible to take order from customer, swiftly and accurately. During the order taking, cashier may require to capture the food modifiers or options provided by customer, and send order to the kitchen for food preparation.

Steps to create new cashier

  1. Log in as Manager

  2. Go to EMPLOYEE and select Cashier

  3. Click on ( + ) to add new user

  4. Enter user details as below, field highlighted in yellow are mandatory.

  5. User completed.

Edit user

Manager can edit existing user on following option. Change user details, modify password and activate/deactivate user.

Change user details

  1. Tap on existing user

  2. Edit user details. Manager is able to change cashier details and modify the password.

  3. Done

Deactivate user

Highlighted section indicate the activate of inactive users. Following selection indicate Active user.

  1. Click on Edit icon.

  2. Tab to select cashier that you wish to deactivate.

  3. Tap on Edit icon to confirm deactivating cashier.

  4. Done