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Managing your restaurant floors and tables

iRestaurant POS system provide an easy floor plan and table designer to help restaurant manager to create a layout plan that they can easily related to and keep track of the status of each table and the current orders. iRestaurant table layout provide more than just a beautify floor plan but it is a all-in-one console to help waiter to help waiter to take order, communicate among the team and kitchen. For larger restaurant, you can even create multiple floor and design according to the real layouts.

Taking orders

It is important to provide an easy to use user interface to the waiter so that they are able to capture customer order fast and accurate. iRestaurant order screen ensure every inch of the screen are properly use for a purpose and provide easy to read information in one glance. For example, we break the pax into multiple tabs so that waiter can easily compose the order for each of the patron and the way they want their food to be prepared. And we made each menu item able to pop-up and provide more details of the dishes to help waiter recommend to the patron. The modifiers, options and side dish automatically appear for menu items that have different ways of preparation.

Multi-layers pax order screen

Different state of orders

From the moment that your client call to make a reservation until they settle the bill and walk out of your restaurant. iRestaurant capture the key milestones to reflect the state, such as open table, placing orders, bill paid and vacant table, so the operation teams are informed of every state of each table at the table layout screen.


Bill payment

Cashiering is a very important aspect of the restaurant operation workflow where it has to be fast and accurate especially for patron who ask to split bills or applying discount to VIP. iRestaurant provide simple and intuitive to use cashiering screen to maximize the speed and minimize the errors.

Bill splitting is a tedious process. Before move on to the finalize screen, iRestaurant will ask if customer wish to separate the bill. where the systems will break the pax orders into separated bills, Automatically.
Bill splitting is a tedious process. Before move on to the finalize screen, iRestaurant will ask if customer wish to separate the bill. where the systems will break the pax orders into separated bills, Automatically.

Discount, discount, discount!

The survival rate of F&B business on the first year is 60%, where discount and promotion is one of the most important factor to increase the survival rate beside working capital and location. iRestaurant well aware of this and wanted to give you all the possible way of discount that we can think of. And if it is not there, we are listening and we will build it for you!

Splitting bills or payments

iRestaurant allow cashier to split bills in many way. It is not just provide top notch services to your clients, but we redesign the split bills with lesser steps and easily operate by any cashier. iRestaurant let you split bills by customers, equal number of bills or by items. You can easily create or delete bills at the payment screen with minimal efforts. You cashier will appreciate the convenience iRestaurant provide and more confidence while using industry leading Next generation iPad POS systems.

Back office

Building the menu

There are different type of offering in a restaurant to accommodate patron appetite and spending pattern that include standard menu items or a-la-carte menu, set menu and open item. iRestaurant provide 3 hierarchy grouping to categorize different type of items, such as food, beverage and inventory items (eg. can drink). Standard menu item is very systematic and easy for the POS sytems to handle such structure. Set meal on the other hand, is a composite product that combine one or more standard products together and selling in different pricing. The most complex and unstructured data is the open item. iRestaurant is able to create all 3 types of items with easy to use interface.

For the kitchen communication, iRestaurant provide both digital chef and kitchen printing functionality. The Digital Chef (or iChef) is design to have more integrated communication between restaurant floor and kitchen crew. It provide multiple layouts and presentations to optimize the food preparation process and interactive capability for the chef to inform the server that the food is ready to serve.

Alternatively, iRestaurant provide more conventional approach to print the kitchen chit to 1 or more departments (up to 3) where the crew is relying on the hardcopy print out to prep for the food/beverage.

Reports and Dashboard

As we have been into information age for over decade, it make no sense if we are still running business and making key decision by gut feeling. It is conservative, not scientific and usually erratic which likely to bring the restaurant to doomed for closure. If IoT or Artificial Intelligence are new to you, you should at least heard about cloud computing. And the power of cloud is to link outlets located from different geographical locations and provide real time data for business owner to manage their business.

iRestaurant value the truth derived from data and we are data driven when we interact with our clients. We want to share what we know to our clients and helping them to grow their business. iRestaurant provide a suite of report in the App and also web portal which allow our client to access to their data anytime and anywhere.


Recipe management

iRestaurant POS system recipe management function let you keep track of every ounce of materials in real time. The recipe management function integrate directly into every menu item and calculate the consumption immediately when menu items was ordered. We are aware that in practical scenario, the actual consumption of raw material can be vary due to the yield rate, modifiers or actual usage. The ingredients management will provide a standard calculation which you will see some consistency in the long term basis. Ingredient management function is auto-pilot where you can set and forgot while systems will continue to provide information you need at all time.


Hardware is one of the reason that Restaurant POS systems are expensive. iRestaurant always keep in mind that we should provide choices to the customer and make it easy for them to adapt the solution and possible to re-use the existing hardware. Even if there is a need to purchase new hardware, we are offering lower cost hardware to keep the total solution affordable. All our hardware come with 1 year standard warranty and 1 x 1 exchange to ensure minimum downtime for our client, if accident does happen.

How do i get started

Thank you for spending time to explore iRestaurant POS. Our mission is to create a high quality and affordable POS solutions that will help your manage and grow your business. Every business is different, the differences start from the moment when you materialize the great idea you have in mind into an offering. So we will adapt to your idea and build a systems that will streamline your operation, and increase productivity.

Get in touch with us and share with us of what you need. Let us propose a systems has proven by many cafes and restaurants.




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Keep track of raw material consumption

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Discount management

Item discount, bill discount, FOC

Dashboard & reports

Real time analysis, App for iPhone & iPad, Web report, Daily Summary report

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