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iKiosk is a high performance QSR POS cater for high volume F&B business. We carefully consider the need of every tap on the screen to make it the most efficient and fastest POS systems even for the most demanding F&B outlets. Now we introduce prepaid features to help you retain your loyal customer and keep them happy. Learn more about prepaid function!

iKiosk POS for QSR

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iKiosk design for F&B retail, or small F&B like ice cream kiosk, cook food stall or hawker stall. It is ultra fast, easy to use and highly versatile. And to safe guard potential Internet connectivity disruption, iKiosk is able to operation offline with no dependency of mini server or extra hardware, as long as the iKiosk connected to the printer, it will work well.

INSTUT iKiosk is a features pack iPad POS systems that support inventory management and capable to handle composite inventory such as ingredients. And it is able to include modifiers and add on into the inventory calculation. With the advance inventory management capability, iKiosk can extend to central kitchen management to allow larger F&B business to keep track of raw material costing in real time and anywhere.

iKiosk currently integrated with XERO accounting software, and we continue to introduce integration with other cloud based applications and hardware, such as cash recycler machine, payment terminal, queue management systems, delivery services and eCommerce.

At the cashier counter

At the cashier counter

Single Screen Operation

Complete transaction within same screen minimize shuffle between screens

Categories Management

Organize menu items by departments and categories to locate menu item easily

Offline Mode

No downtime even if the Internet fail and automatically sync when connected

Multi Payment Types

Ensure each transaction recorded with appropriate type of accounting


Apply discount on items or receipt using same discount scheme

Park Multiple Receipts

Create tabs to hold multiple sales to minimize hold up time at cashier

Modify order items

Advance Modifiers

Ability to capture multiple quantity on the same modifiers value or add-on price

Free text note

Adding free text note for special instruction from customer and not to miss any details

Take away & Side dishes

Managing side dishes pricing at menu item level and add pricing take away packaging

* Price book (Q42017)

Price book allow price overwrite based on pre-defined condition in the price book setting.

Modify order items

Make payment

Make payment

Multi payment mode

Pay by cash, NETS, Credit card, store credit (on account, voucher or deposit) or FOC.

Split bill or payment

Ability to split bill equally or by different different payment methods with few simple steps.

Print pre-payment receipt

Able to print the pre-payment receipt for customer before collect payment.

Pre-paid card

Allow cashier to sell pre-paid card and use the stored value card to make payment.

Tax and Services charge

Configure tax and services charges (taxable) for your business.

* Integrated Payment (Q4/17)

Integrate with payment gateway to reduce manual entry.

Create menu items

Color key

‚ÄčiKiosk let you create colored key that is easy to recognize by cashier at the order screen

Item Image

You can also take photo or use the existing item image to link with the menu item

Ingredient level Inventory

Automatically calculate inventory usage even at modifier and option level

Kitchen item name

You can translate the item name to other name or language that send to kitchen

Item description

Provide description to the menu items so that cashier can view at the order screen

Items Add-on options

Provide comprehensive configuration for modifiers for the food items

Create menu items

Prepaid card

Prepaid allow you to sell store value card to your customer either offer higher balance amount or get a discount with their purchase. It is a good way to keep your customer coming back to you. We know that you make the best coffee in the town, so why letting your customer buy it from the next store while you can give them some perk and make them happier.

iKiosk currently integrated with XERO accounting software, and we continue to introduce integration with other cloud based applications and hardware, such as cash recycler machine, payment terminal, queue management systems, delivery services and eCommerce.

iKiosk prepaid function unified with Instut CRM engine which support multiple outlets operations, on-account transaction, deposit and loyalty (Q12018). Your customers can use the prepaid card at any of the outlet and iKiosk record of every single transactions in the cloud for you.

Why iKiosk

iKiosk is one of the most advance and quickest to roll out new features iPad POS systems that cater for F&B business. It is scalable to more complex iCafe and iRestaurant full restaurant systems on the fly without downtime, data migration or change of hardware. We keep iKiosk agnostic and integrate with most of the hardware in the market and continue to work with more hardware vendors.

iKiosk is proven solutions that adopted by fast moving environment like hawker center easily handle more than 720 transactions in most demanding environment. Most importantly, iKiosk is low cost and continue enhance to help small F&B to achieve bigger dream.




For quick serve food kiosk with few or no seating

Ice cream kiosk, mobile food truck, hawker

Limited devices

1 x cashier, unlimited printers

Ingredient management

Keep track of raw material consumption

Kitchen ordering systems

Send order to kitchen printer
(No order management function)

Discount management

Item discount, bill discount, FOC

Dashboard & reports

Real time analysis, App for iPhone & iPad, Web report, Daily Summary report

Work online with offline protection

Offline mode when Internet is not available