Frequently Asked Questions

Build in Singapore, for Singapore and aom globally

Instut team who are we?

Founded by EISOL and Egulen in 2016. Instut project consists of EISOL team who are experience in supporting cloud based iPad POS, add-on development and API integration together with hardcore technical team who create first version of iSuite back in 2010 and continue the development to customize iSuite for Singapore and exclusively work with EISOL to bring the solution globally. Instut team currently consists of 12 members local and remotely.

Why should i choose Instut?

Our approach is to build an IT systems that will really help business to grow and will not be the cost burden for business to expand and growth. We also take into consideration that business will always start from small and grow larger, and the growing path can be from QSR to restaurant or from 1 outlet to 10+ outlets or even franchise model. We build according to that by providing vertical and horizontally scalability and even providing turnkey solutions for enterprise clients.

Do Instut customize your solution to suit my needs?

We provide both off-the-shelf and turnkey solutions.

How much does isuite Solution cost?

The full solutions which include of the POS software, hardware and services typically range from 1000 ~ 5000 depends on the hardware and level or support needed. The POS software license fees can be found on iRestaurant, iCafe, iKiosk and iSalon page.

Can I get a Demo of isuite?

Yes. In fact, that is the best way to learn about POS solutions. In most of the case, customer do not fully understand the different between retail POS, service POS and F&B POS while engaging us. So it is beneficial for the SME client to engage with few vendors to explore the most suitable solutions before commit. Cost is not the only consideration of the buying decision, SME client should map their expectation and pain points with the desired POS solutions to evaluate how the new solutions can benefits the productivity. For more inform please book an appointment here.

Can my staff handle the new systems?

There will be learning curve to familiar with the new POS system. But we are there to hand hold you and your staffs until you are able to operate the systems. We build the long term relationship with all our clients by listening to their needs and render new features to empower them to do more. iSuite will continue to enhance and we are looking at every technical aspect to make our POS solutions more efficient, more reliable and solving the F&B industry challenges.

Why do I need a POS? I am just a small shop.

Most of the SME struggle with daily issues and lacking of visibility of the sales performance, or inventory, left alone analytics. The modern business is "driven by data", which mean you are making business decision based on the data derived from the POS systems. This best practice should applied to any form of business regardless of size.

How soon can you setup the systems and start using it?

A typical project life cycle will take about 1~2 weeks. We are able to put you on fast track deployment to shorten the deployment within a week, which we will render priority tasks and defer less priority task to later date.

I am operating in a shopping mall which I need to submit Sale to the management.

We are able to help you with the shopping mall integration which we have done the integration for most of the iPad POS.

Can I run isuite on Touchscreen terminal or android

No. We choose to develop our solution on iOS platform for cost advantage, platform stability, and security. You can check out the pricing of the hardware which is not expensive at all.

There are free ipad POS why do i choose Instut and need to pay?

Yes, some of the iPad POS systems will offer free tier, like or completely free such as or loyverse. As for now, Instut will not offer free POS as our direction is to provide total solutions instead of just the POS software. We will eventually release free iPad POS app for micro and small business who has cost constraint to help them grow. As for more established business, we aim to build a mutual beneficial partnership and to provide best services to our clients.