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Turnkey solution for enterprise

Challenges of Enterprise sectors

Over the last 5 years, the emerging mobile apps solutions has influence our daily life. From the business perspective, startup and SME benefits from a lot of cloud computing solutions such as omni-channel point of sale solutions that allow retailer to sell in the shop, e-commerce or wholesale. Cloud based accounting software like XERO, disrupting the world especially accounting firm where early adopter has benefits and grow rapidly in terms of acquiring client base or significantly reducing operation expenses by cutting down the need of onsite visit.

The Tsunami of technology did not really change how enterprise work despite of the conveniences and low cost. Our observation concluded that enterprise usually have proprietary complexity and check and balance process that is so deeply integrated with the front end operation which incur high risk to adopt bite size solutions. The requirement from enterprise sector is clear, it must be integrated and streamline with all functional group within the organization. Unfit solutions will only increase manual intervention which affect check and balance and reliability of the data (or reporting).

Recently we have work with a prominent food & beverage group and from the requirement scoping phase, we have learn about the typical challenges that F&B group are facing these day. From the operational perspective, enterprise F&B group may offer different brands with multiple locations operations. And each brands has distinctive operational workflow such as over the counter quick server, cafe & bistro, western dining, oriental dining or fine dining. Such differences require different tool sets and it is unlikely that off the shelf solutions are able to handle such complexity. And that is just tip of iceberg.

As the technology advancement are accelerating, it change the landscape of the F&B industry and it affecting the bottom line of the larger corporation.

What do we offer

Instut team has 90% focus on technology capability and we believe that good and reliable products do not produce over short period of time and require large pool of development resources to test and troubleshoot. And this is the typical requirement for enterprise turnkey solutions.

We are capable to handle corporate turnkey solutions by rebuild iRestaurant, iCafe, iKiosk and integration with existing legacy systems. And we have project manager to scope out the costing and time for each projects to ensure, cost, time and quality are optimized.

Our development team members are well verse in iOS, web and API technology and have completed various integration with 3rd party solutions with public API or building our own API for other solutions to integrate with us.

How much does it cost

Unlike off the shelf turnkey solutions do not have standard pricing and it is subjected to the functional complexity, length of project, and other hardware and software requirements. Turnkey solutions is more suitable for company that already have SOP and limited by the technology to growth.

How can it benefit my company

Successful turnkey solutions streamline the workflow within the organization and remove the gaps. It strengthen the existing proprietary process and empower the enterprise to enrich their offering such as complex promotional scheme, membership scheme or logistics. It will significantly improve the efficiency and leap frog from the competition in the short period of time with low impact to the OPEX.

How to get started

We like to meet you and understand your current challenges and let us share with you of how we can solve this pain points.