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iCafe POS

Simplified Restaurant management

iCafe POS is a full services restaurant management systems that handle the front of house order taking operation, kitchen order management and printer management, cashier bill payment management and inventory management at recipe level. It leverage on cloud technology to have multiple outlets link together and present to the business owner with real time metrics, reports and combine reports of multiple outlets. iCafe work online as well as offline depends on the environment and customer requirements. iCafe able and continue to develop integration capability with other cloud based application such as Xero, HR Easily and advanced hardware such as label printer, queue management systems, payment terminal, or cash dispenser machine.

‚ÄčiCafe carry the same DNA and design language to ensure minimum learning curve when they upgrade, or expand to different mode of operations.

Managing floors and tables

iCafe provide a table layout designer to allow restaurant to create different floor layout (indoor, outdoor, 1st floor, second floor, VIP room, etc), round, square or long tables with or without seat, take away tap and communal tables (bar). User can choose different floor color (light or dark color) to optimize for the ambient light and not to strain the waiter eye.

During operation, waiter can easily merge table, transfer one or more order items from table to table or leveraging on the powerful front of house and kitchen module to keep track of items that is ready to serve and have been served.

Table management module also capture the incident time stamp, such as diners are seated but not taking order, in the middle of dining, reservation time, total order cost and more. And make use of the data to analyze the operational performance of any time frame and making right decision.

Design your table seating layout with easy to use table layout designer and divided to different segment

Adjust table layout skin to make it easily recognizable by the waiter of where they are taking order currently.

Transfer single order item or multiple order items from table to table or across floor layout to another table

Integrated order tracking keep waiter informed of what is ready to served in real time. With the input from kitchen.

Taking orders

iCafe provide you with an intuitive user interface that any waiter will be able to master the steps to take order withing an hour. We believe simple and intuitive user interface will boost productivity and morale of the crew immediately and reduce the error. iCafe using layering design to allow cashier to switch between pax and taking order quickly and auto pop-up modifier screen to capture customer preferences accurately. We continue to work with cafe operator to ensure our design is up to date and practical.

Intuitive order screen with easy navigation between departments, categories and food items and ability to take order by seat

Choice between A la carte and Set menu and different option of set menu such as small set or larger set to suite diners need

Toggle to view menu items description to help waiter to explain to diner and creating up selling opportunities

Versatile modifiers, options, takeaway or side dish option to let waiter capture diner requirement quickly and accurately

Bill payment

When customer call for the bill, iCafe provide different option of payment and function to streamline the payment process. If diner requested to pay individually by seat, just a click of a button and iCafe will split the bill according to seat number without cumbersome splitting process. Cashier can even split the bill by time for diner who need to leave earlier and just wanted to pay for their orders. For restaurant who introduce membership, iCafe let cashier scan and capture the member details by scanning their membership code and let them earn points. Member can even pay their bill with prepaid card to enjoy extra discount. iCafe make the cashiering less stressful and more fun!

Make payment

iCafe payment module keep payment process simple and straight forward. Cashier can easily access to preview bill to print the check for diner before collection of payment. And diner has various mode of payment by cash, credit card, debit card, voucher, store credit, or FOC as complementary. iCafe also support split payment mode by partially cash, or card. When come to payment, it is really personalize for your diner.

Split bill

Split bill is a time consuming and complex cashiering process. It is also one of the weakest link in customer dining experience. Instead of limiting option for your customer, why not offering them the option and make them feel privileged. iCafe offer seat split, time split, equal split or items split to handle most complicated way of splitting bill to suite your customer need with few simple swipe and taps.


Discount is the most important marketing strategy to retain or bring in new customer. After all, who do not like discount? iCafe provide some practical way to give discount and we continue to introduce more innovative discount scheme. You can create personalized member discount, customized discount scheme, by total receipt or individual items, and you can keep track of all discount given via discount reports.

A typical day of table services cafe/restaurant leveraging iCafe to manage the workflow. The integrated function within iCafe modernize the cafe/restaurant by increasing its efficiency and productivity. iCafe has successfully helping F&B client to grow their business and converting more sales. Find out more from Bollywood Veggies case study.

Back Office

You can keep track of your business key performance index (KPI) over the cloud for one or multiple outlets or kiosk operation to full services restaurant without the need to burden your restaurant manager to furnish that. The smarter way to access these important information and view them in actionable report or dashboard format let you measure your business consistently and detect problem faster. iCafe backOffice simplified your business growth.

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For fast moving coffee shop, eatery or dessert cafe

Fast food, coffee & pastry, cake shop

Limited devices

1 x cashier, 2 x order tablets, unlimited printers

Ingredient management

Keep track of raw material consumption

Waiter ordering systems

Table order management
(send, void, move table, order by pax)

Discount management

Item discount, bill discount, FOC

Dashboard & reports

Real time analysis, App for iPhone & iPad, Web report, Daily Summary report

Work online with offline protection

Offline server will be provided