Getting there

Address: 14B Kensington Park Road, Singapore 557265 ​14B Kensington Park Rd Singapore1

About us

Cozy little cafe by day and delightful restaurant by night. Located in a quiet corner in Serangoon Gardens. 5 Star food at reasonable prices. This is the place if you like to enjoy the great coffee and food but do not want to get stressed by the overwhelmingly crowded restaurant, this is the right place to be. The friendly restaurant + master chef will suprise you with his extra-oridary culinary skills and nice cuppa anytime of the day.

Love your POS

It was pretty rush for us to get the new systems up and running. Where the old systems is going to retired in a week, and quick replacement is needed. The disruption will be certain if we are unable to get the new systems up, and it will be the worst time coming to Christmas and New year. We manage to find a vendor and they are confidences to setup everything with our existing infrastruture, and we are convince and just go ahead with the new software. We are happy that the new systems does not really cause much of disruption and the transition is smooth. We like the idea that the software subscription has included support where we are paying one price for two gains. Are we going to recommend to someone else, Why not? Instut is a local tech-startup and we love to support local enterprise.

Love your customer

In our first meeting with the restaurant owner, we can see that they are rushing to shop for a replacement solutions. And as a startup, honestly we are desperate to gain customers and demonstrate our capability. We are pretty sure that it is not a complicated project and it can easily carry out without much of hiccups. And of course we are grateful that this opportunity was given to us! What love about the coffee, it is easy to drinks and intense flavour.