The Salad Corner

October 19, 2017

Getting there

TSC @ GSH Plaza: Cecil Street #01-08, GSH Plaza, Singapore 048905

TSC @ Tanjong Pagar Plaza: #01-04, 1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza, Singapore 082001

TSC @ Amoy Street Food Centre: #01-41, 7 Maxwell Road, Singapore 069111

TSC @ Westgate: #B2-K1, 3 Gateway Dr, Singapore 608532

About us

The Salad Corner started serving generous and freshly prepared salad portion since June 2010, with the idea of providing affordable salad options to the consumers within Central Business District.

There are more than 300+ customers each day dropping by to get their healthy portion of lunch each day and that's why TSC team has been working whole day preparing for the next serving. TSC team believe in "Think Healthy. Eat Fresh Today" and consistently deliver freshest ingredients prepared daily.

Love your POS

We operate 4 outlets and the CBD outlets are usually highest traffic at the lunch time. There are increasing trend of people working around CBD changing to healthier diet and salad is among the top choice. During lunch time, we will have at least 20-50 people joining the queue and it is important that we can handle the queue with responsive POS systems and fulfill the order accurately.

Apart from solving the stringent operational requirements, we also need a systems that can give us centralized control and manage remotely to simplify when we growing out business to multiple outlets. And cloud based iPad POS fit this requirements.

Our formula of winning is to provide quality food with reasonable price, giving them choice and manage the business with IT automation, iKiosk POS, and that's all you need to create a profitable business.

Love your customer

The salad corner is one of the customers has very high traffic volume and our primary goal is to make sure that iKiosk POS systems is able to cope with their operation. After the team has familiarized with the operation, we introduce more advance features like recipe management to help the client manage the raw material consumption and make it possible for them to forecast the inventory requirement look ahead.

There are plenty of practical features that we will roll out for our customer to help them automate the engagement with customer from order taking to order fulfillment. And this are essential to help F&B grow and compete with forever crowded space.