Platform 1904

October 16, 2017

Getting there

Address: 1094 Serangoon Rd, Singapore 328192

About us

Platform 1094 is unique in the ever-saturated F&B industry in Singapore with its Wizardry theme, which follow through from the decor and ambience to its food and beverages. From the moment one steps foot into the restaurant, one can't help but fall in love with the coziness and warmth the brick walls and wood-panelled ceilings exude. Of course it doesn't just stop there. The wizardry theme is evident right down to the choice of chandelier lights fixtures, the long wooden table that takes centerpiece in the restaurant, as well as the chairs with its mystical prints on it. Patrons can take the opportunity to snap as many pictures as they want with the variety of props, including witch's hats and wands, provided free of charge. In all, the shop literally shouts "ABRACADABRA!".

Wizards and witches wannabes, this is your go-to place and most definitely worth the travel to Boon Keng to satisfy your deepest wizardly desires. This isn't your average, run-off-the-mill cafe or restaurant, but one that would transport you out of this world and into that fantasy that you so often dream of. Have a wickedly fun time!

Love your POS

Our first outlet Fresh Fruit Labs located at 351 Changi Road successfully developed into a gathering point for patron from near and far and we expanding our theme restaurants to Platform 1904 which create a whole new dining experiences for our customer.

With multiple outlets operations, and the emphasis of customer dining experiences. We need a robust POS systems that not just handling the front of house operations, dispatch order to each station and capturing figures accurately and quickly, but we need to reward our customers and connect them whenever they visit our outlet.

The Instut iCafe is handling well for our operations and willing to growth with our operational need. And what really impressed us is that they put our requirement into fast track development and not charging us as expensive customized solution.

And looks like they win the contract of our upcoming 3rd outlet!

Love your customer

When you search "Instut" in google, you will always find some other results that is relevant to "Institute" and not the brand name. But that's our motto, to learn and transform ourselves to be better and that's the reason that we grow in a strong and steady pace and entrusted by very large F&B group less than a year of incorporation.

Like any other client and and any engagement, we believe in solving the pain points as the top priority that our client choose to upgrade their systems to ours.

FFL is technology driven F&B company, and they saw the needs of technology to reduce cost, increase productivity and more importantly, curating the dining experiences that is unique and different from the norm. And we are excited to listen and learn from them and make it happen.

Like any growing process, it is painful but that's the growing pain that we always endure to transform ourselves and empower our clients. After all, marketing slogan doesn't go long way, but commitment and perseverance will and we are forged that way!